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200Gms Anti Slip Granules For Deck & Any Floor Paint

Product benefits:

Converts any paint to a finely textured Anti-Slip finish.

Easy to mix in and does not settle.

Creates an authentic textured finish with no, “Bald spots.”

Unique Tear Drop particle shape.

Readily mixes into all solvent and water based paints.

FREE Delivery to any UK post code. Others at cost.


What to are buying:

These granules have a special, “Tear Drop” shape.

This shape makes it an ideal additive for converting ANY PAINT into finely textured Anti-Slip finish.

These are low density granules specifically designed to mix with any paint to give an even finish and eliminating the chance of, “Bald patches” a common fault with aggregate or silica granules.


How to use:

1.   Stir the granules into the paint until evenly mixed.

2.   Apply the paint in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

3.   The paint will dry to an even, finely textured, Anti-Slip finish.


Size:  200gms which is sufficient to texture 2.5lts of paint.