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750ml Line Marking Paint Factory Floor

Product Benefits:

Clear bright line marking paint.

Tough, durable and hard wearing finish.

Excellent weather resistance.

Easy to apply by brush or roller.

Use on concrete, metal and timber floors.

Suitable for interior and exterior use.


FREE DELIVERY to any UK mainland address.  (Others at cost, please email for a price)


What you are buying:

This Line Marking Paint is formulated on high quality polyurethane resins.

This product provides tough, durable and long lasting lines.

Ideal for marking gangways, departmental boundaries, quarantine areas, movement routes etc.

Suitable for interior and exterior use.  etc. in factories, garages, car parks, show rooms warehouses etc.


How to use:

1)     Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2)     Apply using a good quality brush or roller.

3)     Touch dry in 2 hours fully cured overnight.


Colours:  White or Yellow.


Size & coverage:  750Mls will give you 150 metres of 2” wide lines.


How to order:

1) Order the number of tins you require via the listing.

2) Then at the bottom of the Pay Pal form where it says: Instructions to seller Enter the colour(s) you require i.e. White or Yellow.