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Anti Slip Polyurethane Floor Paint For Safe Step-Slopes

What you are buying:

Formulated with polyurethane reinforced resins this paint dries to an evenly textured, tough, durable, finish with excellent anti-slip properties.

Highly recommended for use on steps, ramps and inclines or where the working environment demands the additional safety element provide by a textured anti-slip finish.

Suitable for internal and external use in factories, workshops, warehouses, offices, showrooms, schools, hotels etc.

Product benefits:

* Tough anti-slip finish

* Provides safety underfoot

* Polyurethane resins

* Easy to apply

* Attractive colours

* Eliminates dust permanently

How to use:

On an un-painted floor:

  1. Sweep up loose debris.
  2. Thin the first coat with 10% Polyurethane Thinner** and apply. Leave the first coat to dry overnight.
  3. Apply the second coat full strength and leave to dry overnight.
  4. On a previously painted floor:

    1. Sweep up loose debris.
    2. Apply one coat full strength and leave to dry overnight.

Helpful hints:

  1. On unpainted floors it is always better to apply two coats rather than one thick coat.
  2. New concrete will need treating with Concrete Floor Etch** before painting.
  3. ** Details of the se products are in our Ebay Shop. Fascinating Finishes Ltd.

Size: 20 litres. Will cover 200 square metres

Please specify the colour you require at the time of ordering from the following list:

Tile Red

County Cream

Medium Grey

Light Grey

Brunswick Green

Meadow Green




Colour card available via email.