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Concrete Floor Etch. Ensures Paint Adhesion on Concrete

Product benefits:

  1. Prepares new concrete ready for painting.
  2. Prepares very smooth concrete ready for painting.
  3. Removes plaster and cement stains.
  4. Removes surface laitance. (A thin crust of cement dust that is not bonded to the floor)
  5. Quick & easy to use.
  6. Neutralises on contact with the floor.
  7. A small investment to ensure a good result.

What you are buying: Concrete Floor Etch (CFE) is an ideal product for preparing new or very smooth concrete floors ready for painting. CFE will remove surface laitance, neutralise chemical hardeners and etch the floor ready for painting. CFE is recommended for use on new concrete floors in factories, work shops, warehouses, showrooms, garage etc.

How to use:

  1. New concrete should be at least 4 weeks old.
  2. Sweep floor to remove loose dust and debris.
  3. Apply CFE to the floor with a plastic watering can and fine rose.
  4. Brush into the surface with a broom.
  5. The CFE will fizz slightly on contact with the floor for around 2 minutes.
  6. When the fizzing has stopped the floor is etched.
  7. Mop up any remaining CFE.
  8. Leave to dry and the floor is dry it is ready for painting.

Size:  5 Litres. (Will treat 30 to 40 square metres subject to floor porosity.)