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Product benefits:

  1. Very hard wearing satin finish.
  2. Easy to apply.
  3. Polyurethane reinforced resin.
  4. Eliminates dust permanently.
  5. Fast roller application.
  6. Colour card available via email.
  7. FREE delivery (UK mainland only. All off shore islands at cost)

What you are buying:

Polyurethane Floor Paint is formulated on reinforced resins to provide a tough, durable and hard wearing finish to concrete, wood & metal floors.

This product has an excellant track record and is highly recomended for use in: factories, warehouses, workshops, show rooms schools etc.

How to use on un-painted floors:

  1. Sweep up loose debris.
  2. Paint around fixtures by hand.
  3. Thin the first coat with 10% Polyurethane Thinners. See details in our eBay Shop.
  4. Apply the first coat and leave to dry overnight.
  5. Apply the second coat full strength and leave to dry overnight.

Please note: If your floor is previously painted, just apply one coat full strength and leave to dry overnight.

Our Standard Colours are: Please specify at the time of ordering. Colour Card available via email.

Medium Grey (BS18B25)            Light Grey (BS18B21)

Tile Red (Bs04C39)                    County Cream (08C33)

Brunswick Green (BS14C39)    Light Green (BS14C37)

Medium Blue (BS18E53)           Clear


Size: 20 litres (Covers 200 square metres or 1,800 square feet. (Subject to floor porosity)

NOTES: New or Power Floated concrete will require etching prior to painting. See Concrete Floor Etch in our Ebay Shop (Fascinating Finishes Ltd) or consult our Technical Department via Ebay for a recommendation on the correct preparation of new concrete to ensure good adhesion.