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Repair Broken Cracked Concrete Fix Floor Epoxy Mortar

Product benefits:

Repairs broken concrete instantly.

Fills holes, cracks and gaps etc.

Outstanding durability.

Impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Quick and easy to apply.

Dries in around 1 to 2 hours.

Step by Step Instructions in every kit.

FREE DELIVERY to any UK mainland address.   (All offshore islands at cost, please email for a price)


What you are buying: 

This is a Two Pack solvent free Epoxy Mortar for repairing broken, worn or damaged concrete.

This product gives is a Heavy Duty repair with outstanding impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

This product performs well in the toughest of environments and has the ability to cure in cold and damp conditions.

Suitable for interior and exterior use on: Floors, stairs, ramps, beams, columns, bunds and walls etc.

Any amount can be mixed therefore un-mixed product will store for at least 1 year.


How to apply:

  1. Ensure the surface is dry, clean and free from loose debris.
  2. Into a clean container add equal quantities of Base & Hardener.
  3. Mix until all the product is a uniform grey colour.
  4. Trowel the mix into the repair.
  5. For a smooth finish wipe the trowel with the thinners then smooth off repair.
  6. Foot & trolley traffic in around 2 hours.
  7. Full chemical resistance in around 72 hours.
  8. Clean tools with thinners.


Colour:  Grey.


Kit size & contents:  5kgs,  which will repair 10 square feet @ 3mm

                                     Each kit contains:

                                        1 x 2.5kgs Base.

                                        1 x 2.5kgs Hardener.

                                        1 x 500mls GP Thinner

                                        1 x Pair gloves.

                                        1 x Step by Step Instructions.