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Two Pack Epoxy Thinner for Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint

What you are buying:

Two Pack Thinner KPT06 is a top quality blend of solvents formulated to give optimum performance in all our Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paints.

Ideal for thinning our Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paints prior to application and as a general purpose de-greaser, brush & tool cleaner.


Product benefits:

* First grade solvents

* Easy mixing

* Guaranteed results

How to use:

Add not more than 10% KPT06 by volume i.e. 250mls to 2.5 litres of paint.

As a degreaser pour some KPT06 onto a cloth and wipe contaminated areas such as oil, grease etc.


Size: 250mls

Technical Data:

Colour Clear

V.O.C. content 570 grams p/lt

Intended use Thinning solvent for Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paints

Flash point 22oC to 32oC

Shelf life. 24 months